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Nenad Popov

Nenad Popov

D.M.D. Nenad Popov

He enrolled in Dentistry study course at the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka where he excelled in working as a demonstrator at the Histology Department and Dental pathology Department. In his final year of studies he won a state scholarship.

He has been working at Rident Polyclinic since 2004. The same year he started his Oral surgery residency in Zagreb, which he finished in 2008. A period in which, he also started his postgraduate fellowship.

Over the years he participates in a number of continuing education programs, accumulating more than 300 hours of professional education, most of which in the field of dental implantology and bone regeneration. Some of the programs he participated in: "Implatoprotesi: dal piano di trattamento al follow up. Teoria vs. Prassi.", "Swiss biomaterial days – education and training of bone graft material.", "Up-to-date implantology in the general dental care" - Tihany, 2. and 4. conference HDDI, "One day at Clinica Feltre" -Feltre, "Customized education program, Astra Tech Dental" - , 2. conference HDOK- Zagreb, "Menadžment mekih tkiva i protetske suprastrukture u implantologiji s estetskog stajališta" – Zagreb, International Conference of Dental Medicine – Hvar 2010., "Modern Aspects of Dental Implantology" – Zagreb, education at the BTI Institute in Spain under the mentorship of Dr. Eduardo Anitua.

The Doctor is extremely specialized in the field of applying the PRGF Endoret technology in dental implantology and dedicates particular attention to the application and development of autraumatic surgical tecniques in order to render surgery as painless as possible and in order to make patients feel comfortable and relaxed during such interventions and reduce postoperative side effects.

He is a member of Croatian Dental Chamber, Croatian Association of Dental Implantologists, Croatian Oral Surgery Association and Croatian Medical Association.

He has an active knowledge of English and Italian language.

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