Dental photography

A picture speaks a thousand words. Digital photos of your smile, teeth, and facial expressions will help us to meet all the key parameters of your current smile, based on which, and with your assistance, we will create a new one that is better and more attractive.

Digital Smile Design

Your smile and teeth, both in micro and macro format, all for the optimal understanding of the parameters, and their function and aesthetics in the overall context of your smile.

Digital mock-up

With the help of the dana rethreived from the dental scanner and 3D design in a special software, we can create a simulation of your test smile. We send this simulation to be printed as working model upon which we will create the suggestion of your new smile. If the patient is satisfied with the suggestion, a temporary imprint will be taken in order to create and try your new teeth. In this way, the patient can visualize his new smile before starting any kind of treatment.

Teeth grinding

After you choose the shape, length and color of your new smile with the assistance of your dental practitioner, and the help of 3D software, we will minimally invasively grind your teeth as a preparation for a definitive scan.

Minimally invasive grinding

Tooth preparation is extremely cautious and with maximum tooth preservation, implementing minimally invasive prosthetic protocols (MIPPs). Apart from the fact that these protocols foresee the use of optical aids – surgical microscopes, which are used as standard in the procedures in our polyclinics, our dental practitioners use a Zeiss Pro Ergo dental microscope with which we can flawlessly grind and prepare a tooth for the final scan for the finished work.


Taking dental imprints by using imprint material is a thing of the past. Rident Dental Clinics follow the technical evolution in dental medicine. With the help of the Trios 3SHAPE digital scanner, your dental practitioner will need only a few minutes for a completely painless digital imprint of your whitened teeth and another few minutes to send their digital projection to a dental laboratory to make definitive prosthetic replacements. Together with your doctor, you will decide which materials will be used to make your definitive teeth: e.max or press ceramics, zirconium oxide ceramic or classic ceramics.

Finalizing the work

Finally the long-awaited moment has come for your new, harmonious smile full of confidence, that will be noticed everywhere! Smile, life is truly so beautiful as it was at the very beginnings.