Jaw scan or digital imprint

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Author: Magdalena Miletić Maćešić , dmd


Scanning is a digital imprint. For this purpose, at the Rident polyclinics we use the TRIOS 3Shape intraoral scanners. This scanner uses state-of-the-art imaging technology to create an accurate 3D view of your teeth and jaws. The scanning process takes only a few minutes, it is completely harmless, precise and very comfortable for the patient.

The 3D view of your teeth is saved in an electronic form and can be easily analyzed and modified in a dental laboratory to make prosthetic works to ensure you the desired smile. This method of taking an impression enables an easier and more precise production of prosthetic works.

The patient may follow the preparation and the making of the prosthetic work, thus before starting the therapy may see the expected result (Digital Smile Design).

Digital help for caries detection

The latest version of the intraoral scanner, TRIOS 4 has built-in fluorescent technology that identifies possible surface caries and covers the standard 3D TRIOS scan with additional color data. This technology serves dentists as a tool and aid they can use in detecting and diagnosing caries.

3D orthodontic therapy

The 3D intraoral scanner also includes the most modern computer program for orthodontics (Orthodontics) which allows us to plan the therapy in detail and systematically follow the therapy progress during all its phases.  In addition to high precision, 3D technology also helps us make orthodontic appliances, especially retainers, which are used for each patient at the end of therapy.