Orthodontics beyond aesthetics: health benefits

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Author: Šime Lovrić , DMD


Orthodontics is a branch of dental medicine that deals with correcting the incorrect position of the teeth and the relationship between the jaws. The importance of facial aesthetics and a beautiful smile is a reason for many to wear braces, but orthodontic therapy is much more than just aesthetics.

Orthodontic therapy is the best preventive measure that will prevent the occurrence of numerous carious lesions in places that were not accessible for cleaning before orthodontic therapy. Research has shown that the number of pathological microorganisms is much higher around crowded teeth compared to straight teeth.

The correct relationship between teeth and jaws has a positive effect on the health of the entire chewing system.

The appearance and position of the teeth is important for correct speech and pronunciation. Orthodontic therapy contributes to a more harmonious facial profile and proper chewing. Reduced possibility of other problems, for example irregular wear of the tooth surface.

Modern orthodontics is not limited by age and is often closely related to other specialist branches of dental medicine: prosthetics, periodontology and implantology. Such interdisciplinary cooperation is very important and desirable, because it complements basic dental treatment, and maximum aesthetic and functional results are achieved.