• 3D digital volume tomography (both jaws or single segments)
  • Digital ortopantomography (panoramic imaging of all teeth, jaws and sinuses)
  • Teleradiography (profile imaging of the head, necessary for planning orthodontic therapy)
  • Maxilliary sinuses radiography
  • Temporomandibular joint radiography
  • Fist radiography (necessary for determining growth activities)

The Dental Clinic RIDENT POREČ has the most modern equipment for 3D volume tomography and ortopantomography, as well as digital radiovisiography. This high technology equipment produces high quality X-ray scans with significantly lower radiation in comparison to the equipment used until now in dental medicine.

CRANEX 3D Ceph is a high quality dental imaging system used for ortopantomography, cephalometry and 3D digital volume tomography (Cone Beam CT). This system is developed exclusively for dental medicine doctors as well as oral and maxillofacial surgeons. With lowest radiation possible, high quality diagnostic results are provided. The system performs also segmental imaging of single areas (i.e. planning one single or several adjoining implants). 3D imaging is essential in the diagnosis of different tooth and jaw diseases, and diseases of adjoining structures, as well as, in the planning of complicated interventions such as placing implants, removing wisdom teeth, cists or tumor surgeries, corticotomy of impacted teeth and similar.

Every dental office is equipped with digital radiovisiography (RVG). Digital radiovisiography enables a fast and quality imaging of individual teeth positions, without the patient having to leave the office.

Every dental office has computers connected to the central database, making all digital radiology data visible at any time at every work place. This system shortens significantly the examination period and enables a more efficient doctor-patient communication.

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