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Polyclinic Poreč

Poreč, a lovely city on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula, today is considered one of the most visited and important tourist destinations in Croatia.
Due to its rich history dating back to Roman era and an exquisite gastronomic offer, it is a frequent destination for European traveling tourists.

Along with rich cultural and historic monuments as well as a diverse catering and tourist offer, Poreč offers also exceptional dental services.
Namely, since May 2013 Rident in Poreč ensures all types of dental services that use modern techniques and equipment in 15 dental offices and a dental laboratory.

Opening the Dental Clinic Rident in Poreč, in one of the most beautiful Istrian destinations, is the crown of our ten years of business.

With a rich tradition in health tourism and an ideal location, easily accessible to patients from neighboring countries, Poreč proved to be an excellent step forward in business.

The results achieved in the past make us proud, but also entrust us to a continuous dedicated and quality operation in order to keep our leading position on the market.
The satisfaction of our patients remains our number one priority, and according to their expectations, we keep adapting to always better employees’ education as well as leading technologies.

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