Dental laboratory

State-of-the-art devices and equipment at the disposal of RIDENT Policlinic are nevertheless only a strong support to the oldest and the most complete tool of all: the hand.

This is the most evident in the work of our dental lab, where 25 highly specialised dental technicians and 2 senior craftsmen/handymen/technicians produce, within the Policlinic, all that is required for our patients.

Many years of professional experience acquired both in the country and abroad guarantee a RIDENT patient optimum result both in functionality and aesthetics.

SLM technology

(abbreviation for selective laser melting)

This method is used for affixing layers of metal dust by a laser beam. The scanned conditions of the oral cavity are digitally transmitted onto the screen. The dental technician then virtually models the construction. The tridimensional data thus obtained are subsequently turned in a bidimensional cut that the SLM device applies, a layer at a time, and in this way builds the construction.

BEGO was the first to present this kind of technology in Germany in 2001. It is the BEGO company itself that produces prosthetic constructions for our patients. German precision and quality guarantee our patients a safe and long-term product.

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