Digital Smile Design


What DSD or Digital Smile Design?

Put simply, it is the most sophisticated process of the digital planning and design of the smile. Based on high-quality photographs of the patient’s smile and facial video clips in speech and motion, a computer program performs a detailed smile analysis. The advanced program analyzes and processes the facial appearances with different motions and various emotional reactions, as well as the patient’s smile and all dental proportions. These parameters create a digital image of an ideal smile that is optimally tailored to each person’s face, with all the precise vector measurements and showing the difference in expression between the current and the “new” smile. It is also the best feature of DSD – besides the fact that patients immediately see the simulation of their new smile, they can explain their desires and expectations to a team of dental experts who can further correct the look of their new smile, accordingly to the possibilities. In this way, patients themselves are involved in creating their new, natural and radiant, smile full of self-confidence.

Why do we want to use Digital Smile Design?

We live in the age of highly advanced technologies, which inevitably leave very strong stamp on every part of modern living. Everything that was barely imaginable 15 years ago is now practically routine with sophisticated techniques. In a time when we are a single click away from a large database of information, as expected, patients become more informed and require different approaches and communication. Today’s patients have a clear vision of the possibilities of solving their own aesthetic shortcomings, as well as the look of their new smile. Patients are looking less and less for predetermined, movie smiles, paying more and more attention to their own personality. Therefore they require a unique smile, naturally beautiful and consistent with their physical appearance, but also with their character. Creating flawless proportions and an ideal smile is the main task to DSD, due to which it has become an essential tool in aesthetic dental medicine in recent years.

What makes DSD so innovative?

He phrase “a smile that you see in advance” best describes the essence of the DSD technology. Why? Before the introduction of DSD, patients could have seen their final smile only when the whole procedure was completed. They had to rely on the great expertise and experience of their dental practitioner and dental technician. Now, for the first time, a patient can see a three-dimensional view of their definitive smile at the first visit to our polyclinics. Also, in cooperation with the team of dental practitioners, the patient can contribute with suggestions in creating their smile. It’s great motivation for patients to start the treatment, and at the same time a great help for doctors in simpler and faster planning.

In Rident Dental Clinics, the concept of Smile Design has been used and run successfully for years. Smile Design is the result of the collaboration of a professional team that includes experienced prosthetists, creative dental technicians, and oral surgery specialists. Following our vision of continuous investment in new technologies and the individualized approach to our patients, our team of experts was additionally trained in Digital Smile Design. Now we can proudly say that the Rident Dental Clinics practice DSD following the concept of its author Dr. Cristian Coachman. Besides this, Rident Dental Clinics can boast two DSD Masters. Daniela Grgić Miljanić, DMD, and Goran Popović, DMD, who belong to a globally small community of DSD experts, who have managed to fulfill the rigorous criteria to acquire the title of DSD Master.

The DSD concept raises the relationship between the doctor and the patient to a whole new level of mutual trust and understanding with the common ultimate goal – the creation of a perfect smile which changes life forever.

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