Guided surgery in dental medicine

Author: Rident


In the past two decades, every day we witness the big progress in the use of modern digital technology in dental medicine. New technological solutions and new protocols appear overnight and can sometimes cause uncertainty and confusion even among well-informed patients. Therefore, if the subject title leads you to an impression of robots that insert implants, then you are worried for no reason. Modern technology is indispensable in reaching top results in dental medicine, but knowledge, experience, and competence of dental experts are still irreplaceable.

Planned installation of implants

One of our latest tools is computer-guided implant therapy. A well-planned implantological protocol means the high level of confidence in the good outcome of treatment of the patient. Our dental professionals use digital intraoral 3D scanner and CBCT images of the patient’s jaw. CBCT device has multiple advantages over conventional CT, and we would emphasise high-speed scanning, high resolution and very accurate 3D projection of teeth and dental structures, as well as soft and bone tissues.

Using the information provided by digital intraoral scanner and CBCT image of the patient’s jaw, within the same virtual interface we can plan the outcome of the treatment of the patient. Based on that information, the surgical team and dental technicians are planning a type, length, and slope of the implant including the look and layout of the future prosthetic replacement. After the scheduled event, information is transmitted in the dental laboratory, where the 3D printer produces a surgical template that is used in the procedure on the patient’s jaw.

Benefits of guided surgery

Using the surgical templates guarantees the safety of the implant placement because computer-calculated pattern limits the drilling depth and the creation of implants seeds with extreme precision, which eliminates any guesswork and possible errors. Another important reason is the predictability of the whole process, which based on the obtained parameters can be fully planned in advance. With a better final effect, the duration of the proceedings significantly shortens, which is important for dental professionals in the optimal planning of time required to treat the patient.

For countless times in our long-standing practice, we were convinced that excellent results never come as a tangle of random circumstances. Your beautiful smile that will harmoniously blend in with the physiognomy of your face is a combination of a hundred little things, none of which is less important. Therefore we will continue the same care in accessing to every detail of your health and the creation of your smile.