• Sterilization; highest level disinfection and hygiene
  • Use of spendable and disposable material
  • Precise methods and protocols
  • Unquestionable security of both patients and medical staff of Rident Polyclinic

The materials used daily in our dental offices are sterilized and disinfected. All materials used are consumable and disposable (straws, plastic cups, surgical gloves, anesthesia and root canal washing needles, cotton pads etc).

Apart from sterilizing and disinfecting all the materials used in our dental offices, we also disinfect and sterilize our dental chairs, working instruments and all the working surfaces.

Our high disinfection and sterilization standards are guaranteed by applying clear and precise protocols. This way, the security of our patients and personnel is assured during their stay at the clinic.

The maximum security of the patient in every moment spent at our clinic is guaranteed by the highest standards of sterilization, disinfection and hygiene.

Lista državnih blagdana i praznika

01. 01. Nova godina
06. 01. Bogojavljanje ili Sveta tri kralja
21. 04. 2019. Uskrs
22. 04. 2019. Uskršnji ponedjeljak
01. 05. Praznik rada
20. 06. Tijelovo
22. 06. Dan antifašističke borbe
25. 06. Dan državnosti
05. 08. Dan domovinske zahvalnosti
15. 08. Velika Gospa
08. 10. Dan neovisnosti
01. 11. Dan svih svetih
25. 12. Božić
26. 12. Sveti Stjepan