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Author: Snježanom Pohl , dr. med., dr. med. dent.


Doctor Snježana Pohl is a professional leader for oral surgery at Rident polyclinics and is the clinical assistant professor at the Department of Oral Medicine and Periodontology of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka. She is an active lecturer in the field of implantology and periodontology and the author of numerous professional articles. This past year she developed and launched an app for clinicians.

  1. Your app “Decision matters” is available on App Store and Google Play. Tell us more about this app.

Decision matters is an app for clinicians already performing implant surgeries in the aesthetic area or who are about to include these procedures in their daily practice.  It’s for any practitioner who has a keen interest in site preservation and optimization, with minimally invasive procedures. It provides one with a decision tree and protocols described step-by-step.

  1. Why have you decided to develop an app for mobile devices, not to publish a book?

Good question ???? …it is for different reasons: “Decision Matters” is a “cheat sheet” or manual for implant surgery, giving the answers and protocols at fingertips. Nowadays, hardly anyone is reading books (unfortunately), and our mobile devices became the major source of information and knowledge.  We are used to jumping from one topic to another, and this is what this app makes possible, with its intuitive design. 

It is also not possible to include animations in the book, and animations showing different procedures step by step are an important part of this app. 

  1. What would you emphasize as the biggest advantages of this app?

Decision Matters saves clinicians’ time. It makes it quicker and easier than ever to have all the answers one needs to perform implant surgery with optimal esthetic results. It is always available, always in the pocket. 

  1. Are there other comparable apps on the market?

No, this is the first app for implant surgery in the aesthetic area. There are some apps, like for suturing technique or dental materials, but nothing that compares to this comprehensive app. 

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