Dental tourism in Croatia: Rident agents in Italy

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A smile on your face is essential. Oral health should never be underestimated and that is why it is necessary to entrust the care of your teeth to doctors of dental medicine. Who to talk to? Where to go?

In Italy, patients often encounter very high offers to solve their specific cases. However, high prices do not always correspond to high quality of service.

For years, Rident has distinguished itself by its competitiveness, managing to restore smiles and oral health to many patients from Italy, all at affordable prices and with an excellent transfer service thanks to a wide network of agents throughout Italy.

And who better than them can answer all questions and doubts on the topic of Dental tourism?

Your dentist in Croatia: far, yet close!

<< The question that we most often receive as Rident agents for retail tourism is definitely related to assistance >> says Liliana, Rident agent for the Marche and Abruzzo region. <<People often think that relying on a dental clinic located in Eastern Europe is a risk, especially when it comes to emergency care, a language barrier and thousands of kilometers away. The fear of being neglected and abandoned often leads to mistrust.>>

That’s right, one of the reasons that often prevents people from relying on a clinic far from home, and even more so from another country, is the fear that you will not follow them in the postoperative period or that you will not be able to communicate with the doctors what their needs are.

We want to reassure you because all our staff know and speak Italian, precisely because we know how important it is for the patient to feel their closeness, especially when it comes to the first examination and therapy planning.

It is at this stage that the magical relationship between dentist and patient is established, a bond based on trust, a value that is the basis of business at Rident. Namely, our doctors of dental medicine always guarantee timely and pleasant remote support, so that you do not miss the feeling of intimacy and hospitality that you would feel a few kilometers from your home.

<< The fact that Croatian dentists speak fluent Italian always greatly reassures patients >> adds Davide, Rident agent for the area of ​​Asti and Cuneo in Piedmont. << Help is then continuous, very attentive to the needs of each individual person. The dentist who prepares the therapy plan is the same one who conducts the therapy, or answers your phone call if you need some answers during the therapy. >>

Certified, safe and affordable dentral clinic in Croatia

What other dilemmas do Italian patients have before coming to Croatia?

<< Certainly, in front of such favorable prices, even the most dubious ask themselves whether the therapies are carried out in a certain way, whether the materials used are of the highest quality. We are always very proud to be able to show that Rident uses the best materials, German quality, to perform prosthetic work or install dental implants to its patients. >>

That’s right, Rident is a certified and safe polyclinic, and these are the characteristics that have enabled us to win numerous international awards. These awards and positive feedback from thousands of annual patients have allowed us to become a real point of reference for dental tourism in Croatia, a very competitive area, especially in the dental sector.

So if the materials are of the highest quality, why are the prices still low?

<< Croatia is very different from Italy, starting with the cost of living. It is clear that everything is connected and balanced. Therefore, as the largest regional clinic, Rident has excellent long-term relationships with suppliers and can always achieve the best purchase prices on the market for the amount of material. >> explains Davide from Corrado Davide Car Rental and Services. << Another popular question is about deductibility and I can confirm that dental expenses incurred in Rident can be deducted on the annual tax return in Italy. >>

In short, you are in excellent hands with Rident!

The road to Rident in Croatia

We are well aware of the journey length for out Italian patients. Our representatives in Italy, however, bring professionalism and reliability to the field to ensure a pleasant experience. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people and gather new experiences.

<< We depart approximately every 13 days and travel overnight. For residents of Abruzzo we usually leave at 18:15, while for those from Marche around 19:50. The next morning we arrive at the Rident Polyclinic in Rijeka. The route is taken by a bus that usually seats 35 to 40 people per trip. Therefore, we are able to bring about eighty patients a month for their new smile. >>

The duration of the trip obviously depends on the point of departure, we can put you in contact with the agent closest to your residence.

<< In my case, departing from Asti and Cuneo, the journey takes place in comfortable Mercedes minibuses, equipped with reclining seats to facilitate rest. You are traveling at night and have two stops to rest, have a drink and something to eat. >> agent Davide continues.

<< We are happy that patients understand the advantages of Rident: in times like these, savings of up to 70% compared to local offers is not negligible. Furthermore, the professionalism and competence of the team make the experience truly positive. >> agent Liliana explained. 

<< After 9 years of collaboration with Rident, I can only confirm the power of word of mouth. Patient experiences are always very useful for future ones who may need advice or are intrigued by the polyclinic and its satisfactory results! >> concludes Davide Corrado.

Schedule your first visit, request a quote and consider entrusting your case to Rident!