Temporary teeth

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Author: Jagoda Berber Torbarac , DMD


You have finally decided to arrange your teeth, and on the way to a perfect smile, the doctor, while explaining the therapy plan, mentions some temporary teeth. What are temporary teeth, why are they needed, and what kind of temporary teeth exist?

What are temporary teeth?

Temporary teeth are actually temporary crowns or prostheses that serve as a temporary prosthetic solution. The biggest fear of all patients is that they have to be without teeth while waiting for definitive prosthetic work. Temporary teeth are only a temporary solution until definitive work is done, therefore they are not as strong and resistant as permanent teeth, you should eat and chew food with them carefully because they are more fragile and break more easily, but at least we are not toothless.

Why are temporary teeth needed?

The function of temporary teeth is not only aesthetic in nature, their primary purpose is to establish the function of chewing, speech, and prevention of disturbances in the function of the jaw joints. That is why it is very important to replace a tooth in any way, i.e. missing teeth, even when it comes to a shorter period of waiting for the creation of definitive prosthetic work. They are also a kind of premiere of the definitive work, so if necessary and possible, corrections of an aesthetic nature can be made on the definitive work in relation to the temporary teeth, such as changing the color and shape of the teeth.

What kind of temporary teeth exist?

Temporary crowns

Temporary crowns are placed on the ground teeth, while waiting for the definitive teeth, the reason why they are placed is to protect the ground teeth, which can be sensitive to temperature changes and can hurt because of this. Temporary crowns are worn for 2-4 weeks, i.e. until the definitive work is installed.

Temporary prostheses

Temporary prostheses are most often a replacement for all missing teeth, which means that after you have extracted your teeth, you will receive a temporary prosthesis that you wear for a month, or three or more months depending on the type of prosthetic work.

Temporary teeth on implants

Temporary crowns that are placed on implants, according to the surgeon’s assessment, in some cases it is possible to place them immediately after the placement of the implant, and if not, then they are placed when the bone is completely healed, usually 3-6 months after the placement of the implant.

Every case is unique, every mouth is different, and every plan and course of therapy is completely individual. Therefore, it is best to come for a check-up and discuss everything with the doctor, who will explain everything and answer any additional questions.