Mobile prosthesis

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Author: Gabrijela Senković , DMD


Loss of a large number of teeth or complete toothlessness in one or both jaws leads to major deficiencies in daily chewing function, speech, appearance and overall quality of life. Therefore, it is very important to reconstruct and restore function and aesthetics in edentulous patients. When fixed prosthetic or implant therapy is not possible due to the arrangement of the remaining teeth or lack of bone, we have mobile prosthetics at our disposal. A mobile prosthetic prosthesis is a type of dental aid that the patient can independently remove from the mouth. A mobile prosthesis can be total (complete) when all the teeth in the jaw are missing or partial (partial), when several teeth are missing.

Total prosthesis

A total prosthesis is made in the case of complete tooth loss and is used to replace the resorbed bone and gums along with the teeth. It consists of a prosthesis base on which artificial teeth are placed. The base of the prosthesis adheres to the mucous membrane and its tight fit ensures the retention and stability of the prosthesis. It is made of pink acrylate, the color of which fits into the surrounding mucous membrane. The upper base covers the entire palate, and the lower one has a horseshoe shape, thus leaving free space for the tongue. The upper prosthesis is usually significantly more stable than the lower one because it covers a larger amount of soft tissue. Dentures must be removed daily, preferably after every meal, and cleaned with paste and a brush. You have to get used to the prosthesis, which is not always easy, and it is a process that lasts differently for each patient.

Partial prosthesis

We make partial dentures when there are still a few teeth in the jaw. The basic condition is that these remaining teeth are healthy and repaired and that they can wear dentures. It is most often made of Wironit material, a metal alloy that is attached to the remaining teeth with specially made cast hooks. The partial denture itself is much more stable and firmer when chewing and speaking and much more comfortable to wear. Because of the visible metal parts, partial dentures are not considered an ideal aesthetic solution. That is why there is an option called combined work where we cover the remaining teeth with ceramic crowns and bridges that are fixed and connect them with invisible clips to a partial prosthesis that is mobile and which the patient removes daily for cleaning.

Mobile prostheses are a quick, simple and affordable way to restore the functionality and natural appearance of teeth. If you suffer from partial or complete toothlessness, contact us with confidence and we will find the best solution for you.