Semi-fixed prosthesis without palate

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Author: Natalija Gavran , DMD


Standard dentures cover the entire palate and as such are very uncomfortable for some patients. In this case, the best solution is a mobile prosthesis that is fixed to the implants and creates a firm connection with them without the palate.

The retention system using a bar or a locator provides optimal stability of the prosthesis. The prosthesis has grooves in its base that fit perfectly on the individually made bar. It is a semi-fixed solution for people with missing teeth who do not have enough bone volume for fixed work on implants.

The advantages of a mobile dental prosthesis without a palate are:

• Reduced palatal plate – better phonation and easier food consumption

• normal and natural chewing function

• solid and stable prosthetic solution

• completely natural appearance of the teeth

• simple maintenance of oral hygiene

In the first phase, four (4) implants are installed, it is necessary to wait for the osseointegration time of 3-4 months on average. After that, we can start the process of making a semi-fixed prosthesis.

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