Zirconia crowns

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Author: Radmila Miljković , DMD


In every medical science, technology is advancing dramatically, and the possibilities and benefits of this development have changed both basic and complex therapies. Dental medicine makes abundant use of these resources. The basic fixed-prosthetic unit is the dental crown.

The making and the material

There are different ways and materials for making dental crowns. Ceramic crowns where the ceramic is placed on a metal base and zirconia crowns. The metal-ceramic crown is still the most common type of crown used in fixed-prosthetic therapy. Part of the reason is that it meets all the necessary criteria for aesthetic and functional reconstruction and is cheaper. However, in the last fifteen years, a new, aesthetically superior material has been introduced, namely the zirconia crown. The key to the better aesthetics of zirconia crowns is the transparency that is characteristic of natural teeth, the gray undertone of the metal in the metal-ceramic crown is avoided. Also, one of the important properties of zirconia is that it does not cause allergic reactions and the gingiva, with optimal hygiene of course, remains healthy, without any changes.

As the state of the mouth physiologically changes during lifetime, in terms of receding gingiva, these changes remain imperceptible. The white edge of the crown does not stand out in relation to the surrounding dental tissue and remains aesthetically acceptable in contrast to the dark gray edge of the metal-ceramic crown.

Digital print

It is certainly important to mention that the classic taking of impressions with impression masses has been replaced by a digital impression, a scanner. It is precise and far more comfortable for the patient, and enables a digital connection with the dental laboratory. There, individualized prosthetic restorations are precisely made in a CAD/CAM device.


Yes, zirconia crowns have a higher price than metal-ceramic crowns. It is inevitable that the more expensive manufacturing technology increases the price, but all the advantages it has still make it a quality choice for all those who want a flawless smile.