Ceramic veneers: The shortest way to an immaculate smile

Author: RIdent


There is probably few lucky ones whom nature has given a completely healthy and perfectly shaped teeth. Every day, while looking at the perfect smile of celebrities and public figures, surely many times so far You wondered is it too perfect to be entirely natural. The most common response – it is not. What’s the secret then? In the most popular solution – ceramic veneers.

Porcelain veneers are one of the most commonly used solutions that modern cosmetic dentistry benefits to achieve perfectly proper and sparkling white smile. It is about very thin and extremely durable porcelain leaves that are bonded to the front surface of Your natural teeth by using specific procedures, with which cling tightly onto, and there is no fear of its movement or relegation.

If Your teeth are partially damaged, or in different lengths, or inconsistent with colour, or simply the distance between the individual teeth are too big, then You are also an ideal candidate for the installing of ceramic veneers. The procedure itself is simple – it is necessary to grind only 0.5 mm of tooth enamel before taking the model by which our dental lab creates ceramic veneers that will perfectly cover the aesthetic shortcomings of Your natural teeth. Of course, even though it is a simpler procedure, it should always be performed by our well-trained dental professionals, who understand the rules of smile analysis and clinical protocols in aesthetic dentistry.

Porcelain veneers look extremely natural and it is impossible to distinguish from real teeth. Their surface is as smooth as glass, and the passing of time does not change colour, so You do not have to be concerned about the possible darkening. It is also the most tender procedure for the gums and do not cause any inflammation or withdrawal of the gums. They are manufactured and installed in a short time period – when You are in the hands of dental experts from the Polyclinic Rident, it usually takes only two visits to achieve change for the better, that will be clearly visible to everyone. The more reason for the installation of ceramic veneers, if Your time is highly precious.

Polyclinic Rident operates according to the fundamental principle which puts each patient’s health in the first place, but cosmetic dentistry can only further support Your spiritual health and sense of complete fulfilment. The path to a perfect smile has never been simpler, shorter and more reliable.

Therefore – let Your smile become Your trademark!