GCR accreditation for superior clinic assigned to Rident

Author: Rident


We are happy for one more award – an international platform GCR (Global Clinic Ranking) ranked Polyclinic Rident on the list of the top rated dental clinics, providing us with GCR accreditation of success!

GCR is a fully independent international platform that evaluates the quality of health care institutions based on four different criteria. The strict analysis includes verification of expertise, technological equipment, service quality and feedback of patients. GCR accreditation is granted after Award Committee reviews and compares gathered information with the actual situation and provides a positive opinion of the dental clinic.

Private medical care is a highly personalised interaction between the patient and the medical team and is different in degrees of complexity. For that reasons, the past times have been difficult to give complete guidelines in evaluating the overall quality of some medical institutions. For these reasons, an international platform GCR is established, which to a large extent, helps patients around the world in the selection of top dental clinics that satisfy all the criteria of competence and performance. Today, GCR accreditation is the only international official quality mark of medical institutions. Also, an increasing number of patients entrust the care of their health to GCR accredited clinics, because it guarantees the safety and quality of health services. We are proud of the given accreditation, which proves that since our very beginnings, we have properly chosen excellence as the only possible way to success.