First dental examination and treatment plan are free

Author: Rident


Occasional short-term and a severe toothache that comes and goes, seemingly without reason or explanation. Therefore, it is not given any particular attention, because “it’s nothing serious, one way or another.” Frequent and stronger pain for incoming several months, and teeth hypersensitivity to hot and cold … You endured even worse. Ultimately, yet the permanent and unbearable pain accompanied by swelling will force you to visit the dentist, but when anything like this happens, it is usually too late. Are you familiar with this kind of scenario? To us, it’s almost an everyday experience.

There are many postponed things in our lives, followed by the common expression “it’s never too late”. When it comes to our health, with each following day failing to do anything, the situation is only getting worse. Do not put yourself in a hopeless situation, by waiting for the last moment to do something for yourself and your health. Contact us with confidence and arrange your first examination for free, after which we will make an offer and plan for a personalised therapy.

Polyclinic Rident is one of the leading private dental clinics in the region, employing at the moment more than 200 well-trained professionals in all areas of dentistry in its premises in Rijeka and Poreč. A multidisciplinary team that cares for you by scheduling every aspect of your treatment has all the contemporary dental equipment at its disposal, located in as many as 36 offices and three dental laboratories.

Polyclinic Rident offers many opportunities of lower prices for groups of patients and family discounts on all kinds of dental services. Also, we continuously expand the list of our business partners in order to provide top quality services at favourable prices. We also offer the possibility of organising transportation of patients and the organisation of accommodation in various hotels and family apartments we have arranged business cooperation which, all to make your stay more pleasant and more favourable.

We believe that you are encouraged to make the first move towards the preservation of your health and prettier smile. Get in touch with us – arrange your review or post a request via the contact form on our website and we will reply to you as soon as possible, or request desired information by calling one of the contact phone numbers.

To react in time and prevent any significant intervention on your teeth – this is the best solution and our best recommendation at the same time.