Children’s dental care: A short guide for parents

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Author: Ivana Radić , DMD, specialist in prostodontics


Early caries is still one of the biggest health problems in children, it is also called “bottle caries” in preschoolers. Unfortunately, the reason for the child’s first visit to the dentist is the pain caused by children’s caries, which results in the child’s mistrust and fear of the doctor of dental medicine.

When to come for the first examination?

Immediately after the eruption of the first teeth, i.e. at the age of 6 months to a year, the structure of the oral cavity should be examined and, accordingly, the parents should be instructed about maintaining oral hygiene, diet and check-ups.

By the age of 2, when all the milk teeth have already erupted, the first habituation of the child should be done, which would look more like a game than an examination.

Caries prevention:

Why is it so important to save baby teeth?

Maintaining milk teeth is very important until the beginning of the replacement with permanent dentition, which begins around the age of 6, because the premature loss of a milk tooth later leads to orthodontic anomalies and the need for orthodontic therapy.

How to maintain oral hygiene in the youngest?

  • Sterile gauze for cleaning the oral cavity
  • Soft brush for gentle mechanical brushing after the appearance of the first milk teeth
  • A toothbrush with fluoride-based toothpaste in the amount of a pea, and when the baby learns to spit it out on its own

Proper care of a child’s teeth requires a lot of effort and time, as well as regular check-ups. Parents should not forget that their children’s oral health is also in their hands!

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