What are immediately loaded implants?

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Author: Tajana Host Perković , DMD


Immediate loading of the implant is the procedure of placing a fixed prosthetic work in the patient within seven (7) days from the installation of the implant.

After losing one or more teeth, patients want to restore their smile as they had before and of course achieve this as soon as possible.

Modern dental medicine has advanced significantly, even if it sometimes cannot harmonize the patient’s wishes with the doctor’s capabilities. When you want to replace a tooth that has just been extracted, an implant procedure called immediate (immediate) loading on implants is available to patients.

Who are the candidates?

After the examination, we determine whether the patient is a candidate for the current load. Installation of implants immediately after tooth extraction and immediate loading is possible only in situations where the patient has enough bone, no infections, no certain chronic diseases and is not a smoker.

What is the procedure?

The procedure of installing the implant and supplying it with a prosthetic replacement is completely painless for the patient and is performed under local anesthesia. After the procedure, the patient feels minimal discomfort.

It is a procedure to restore a smile by removing one or more teeth in one procedure and placing an implant in its place, on which a fixed prosthetic work is made. First, the patient receives a temporary prosthetic work, and after four months of wearing it, it is replaced by a definitive prosthetic work.

What are the advantages?

The advantages of this technique and procedure are

• performing a surgical procedure in one visit

• shorter recovery time

• shortened duration of therapy

• lower therapy costs

• fixed teeth in just a few hours

• improving the quality of life