Dental bridges

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Author: Gordana Smiljan Jagić , DMD


A complete dental set is a prerequisite for good function and aesthetics of the entire masticatory system. Lack of teeth disrupts the previously complete masticatory system. In this case, it is necessary to make up for lost teeth or protect the remaining teeth from further decay.

A dental bridge is often the solution when filling in the gaps caused by tooth loss. It is a fixed prosthetic replacement that consists of dental crowns connected as a whole. It is a solution if one or more teeth are missing or if the teeth are very weak. The main prerequisite is that there are a certain number of teeth that can be bridge girders (teeth that are ground) and support the entire bridge.

A dental bridge is an ideal solution if you are missing a tooth and you do not have enough bone to implant. The metal ceramic bridge consists of a metal base to which the ceramic is stacked in the outer, visible layer. It is a reliable and economical choice that gives satisfactory aesthetic and functional results. Zirconium oxide ceramic bridge and glass-ceramic bridge are more biocompatible and it is possible to achieve top aesthetic results. They are made using modern CAD CAM technology, which enables high precision and faster work.

The durability of the bridge depends on the duration of the abutment teeth or ground teeth on which the bridge is fixed. It is very important to maintain good oral hygiene and conduct regular check-ups with the dentist.