Dental implant passport

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Author: Domagoj Grabovac , dmd


Did you know that 2,700,000,000 people in the world do not have all their teeth?

There are many reasons, but we all know one thing – teeth play an important role in our daily lives!

The lack of a single tooth can negatively affect the quality of your life, make it difficult for you to speak and enjoy your food, reduce your confidence and activities. If you are missing one tooth it is wrong to think that it is not necessary to replace it. Each tooth is valuable, and the lack of just one can adversely affect the appearance and function of the surrounding teeth. With the lack of any one tooth, the other teeth lose their base and move, which ultimately leads to their loss.

Nowadays, modern dental solutions can quickly and painlessly resolve the defects and give you complete tooth functionality. Whether you are missing just one tooth, multiple teeth, or all, implant placement is the highest quality dental replacement solution available.

Since you never know where life can take you, or at what end of the world, you need to have your dental implant passport in order to have a checkup at any time or any corrections regarding prosthetic work on implants is needed.

The dental implant passport is filled by a doctor of dental medicine who implanted the implants, shortly following the procedure. The dental implant passport contains:

A dental implant passport is valid worldwide and is a recognized medical document. The manufacturer’s dental implant warranty is for lifetime if the patient adheres to oral hygiene instructions and performs regular semi-annual check-ups at one of our clinics.