Oral hygiene

Author: Gordana Smiljan Jagić, DMD

Proper oral hygiene is important for maintaining the health of the whole organism, it is a habit that we should practice daily from an early age. Oral hygiene is the proper cleaning and keeping of teeth and oral cavity clean. Contaminants are accumulated on the teeth every day and dental plaque builds up. Plaque is a sticky, colourless film that is made up of bacteria and the products of their metabolism, created on the teeth and along the gum line.

The most widespread tooth diseases are caries and periodontitis and are directly related to inadequate oral hygiene, ie plaque formation. Prolonged plaque retention produces tartar, which cannot be removed by conventional tooth brushing, but must be done mechanically in a dental office.


Oral hygiene should be performed at least two (2) times a day, in the morning and evening!

Oral hygiene products: 


  • there are hand and electric brushes on the market,
  • it is recommended to use an artificial fiber brush, soft or medium hard,
  • the brush head is placed at an angle of 45 towards the gums and the crown of the tooth,
  • wash the outer and inner surfaces of the teeth first, and then the chewing surfaces.


  • is an auxiliary for maintaining oral hygiene,
  • the main purpose is to mechanically remove plaque from the tooth,
  • helps prevent caries (fluoride). 



    • there are different sizes depending on the size of the interdental space,
    • the brush is inserted into the space between the 2 teeth in the area closest to the gum, passively without resistance, moving it back and forth,
    • used at least once (1) a day.


    • used once (1) a day before brushing.



    • extra oral hygiene products that remove any bacteria remaining after brushing,
    • permanent use is not recommended as they can cause pigmentation on the teeth, change of taste or baking in the mouth,
    • the use of chlorhexidine-based ones is recommended.


    • auxiliary mechanical means which, in combination with water pressure, remove residual plaque and soft deposits between the teeth.


    • to remove deposits formed on the surface of the tongue,
    • daily use is recommended for the prevention of bad breath.

    Proper and regular maintenance of oral hygiene is extremely important for people with mobile and fixed prosthetic restorations, as well as for patients with orthodontic appliances.

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