Dental Implants in Croatia: All you need to know.

Author: Rident Dental clinics


The smile says a lot about us: it is one of the first things that other people notice and it is one of our characteristic traits. If you have been thinking for some time about how to improve or how to reconstruct your teeth, Rident Polyclinics will be able to respond to your specific needs!

Rident, based in Rijeka and Poreč, has been operating in the field of dentistry and implantology for years, enhancing and returning lots of smiles to its patients every year. With a highly qualified and structured team, which today amounts to close to 200 employees, the Rident Polyclinics are a point of reference for anyone wishing to resort to surgery to replace one or more missing teeth and finally find peace of mind.

How do we choose the dental implant?

After more than 40 years of application and updating, dental implants have become a daily matter in the world of dentistry. Our surgeons develop a personalized therapy plan for each patient, evaluating different aspects of the dental structures through the 3D CBCT.

To ensure the success of implant therapy, our specialists make sure, using special instruments, that the quality of the bone is suitable for the intervention and that the patient is attentive to maintaining correct oral hygiene.

So what is the factor that affects the choice of the type of dental implant? The condition of the patient’s bone is very important and greatly influences the choice of the type of implant suitable for the clinical case, precisely because dental implants have different shapes and surfaces. 

What type of dental implants exist?

The Rident staff is always very attentive to the needs and requests of its patients, however it also knows how to evaluate which type of surgery to recommend based on the starting characteristics and especially the needs of the future therapy.

If you find yourselves in a situation where a single tooth is missing, the advice is to replace it with a dental crown that will perfectly mimic the appearance and quality of the natural tooth. If, on the other hand, there are more teeth missing, you can opt for a bridge on the implants, which has a minimum of two or three support pillars.

In the case of toothlessness of one or both jaws, our specialists recommend two solutions based on two different cases:

  • Patients who already use a mobile dental prosthesis and find themselves in difficulty: in this case our surgeons recommend proceeding with a semi-fixed work, ie removable to ensure oral hygiene but fixed and stable during its use. This type of prosthetic work involves the insertion of four dental implants, above which the metal bar (consisting of anchor, primary screw and attachment) will be positioned which will rest (secondary screw, second part of the attachment) in the new prosthesis. This type of dental prosthesis replaces the lost soft tissues by creating support for the lip and cheek.
  • Patients who have never worn a mobile dental prosthesis: if there is no great loss of soft tissue and if the inter-maxillary relationship is modest, it is recommended to do a fixed work on the implants. Six or eight dental implants are inserted which will support a fixed bridge. What does the number of implants depend on? Certainly from the quality of the bone, the intermaxillary relationship and the material that will be chosen for the fixed work. Above the implants, the superstructures supporting the bridge are positioned, which can be screwed or cemented.

What are the “all-on-four” and “all-on-six” systems?

This type of therapy with dental implants is the specialty of our Polyclinic! 

Their name is determined on the basis of the number of implants on which they are positioned, i.e. four or six. These are fixed prosthetic works in which the dental implants, which appear as the last ones in the jaw, are positioned at a particular angle.

When are they recommended? They are indicated in cases where there is a lack of bone in the lateral regions. They are prosthetic works that usually have a shortened dental arch.

Why Rident?

With the professionalism that the Rident Polyclinics team puts in place on a daily basis, you will be in more than safe hands. Specialists are educated, trained and updated to guarantee you a satisfactory result both from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of functionality.

Each patient will have their own dentist as a reference and that is why you will not miss an intimate approach with your trusted dentist. It is true, ours is a large structure, but the attention we give to each of our patients is special!

After an interview in which your wishes, expectations and needs are sought, your dentist will proceed with the diagnostic procedures to understand which is the best solution for you: we use CT and orthopantomography to analyze the starting situation inside the oral cavity and to make all the necessary assessments.

Not only that, a factor that determines the success of our structures also derives from the price convenience, which does not affect the quality of the work performed. Surgeons know and apply all the techniques for bone constructions and reconstructions (in cases where the patient’s bone is not usable). Furthermore, the materials used are of certified quality and origin.

As we have seen, our staff participates in various conferences in the sector, also as lecturers, to ensure constant and always up-to-date training. The number of dental implants inserted at the Rident Polyclinics is so high that it is difficult to find on the global scale specialists like ours and with such a rich experience in the field.

How may I reach Rident?

For years we have been used to receiving patients who come from Italy and other European countries to undergo our dental treatments.

This is why our Polyclinics have a vast network of agents that you may contact and choose according to your area. Comfortable trips are organized for all those who wish to be accompanied or who have no way of reaching us independently.

Let your smile shine with us, smile again! Contact us for more information, we are always at your disposal.