Dental implants: Step towards good health and confident smile

Author: Rident


Dental implants, “all on 4”, dentures, bridges … You would like to restore a smile full of confidence to Your face, but you are having second thoughts about which solution would fit You at its best?

There is no universal answer, since every patient is different, so the optimal solutions are proposed only after a thorough review and consultations with dental professionals. But one thing is certain – quality and durability are in favour of increasing number of dental implants embedded in our country and in the entire world.

Ever since 1960, when the first dental implants were invented, up to nowadays, millions of people around the world had their problem of missing teeth permanently resolved by its installation. What are dental implants? Simplified, these are fixed implants that are installed in the jaw to wear artificial teeth which are made from high-quality materials. They are made of titanium, which, thanks to its qualities, grows with the dental bone nearly ideally. In comparison with conventional dentures, dental implants have great advantages in durability and ease of maintenance, replacing the function of natural teeth completely.

Your pleasure is our priority, so you can completely rely on both the quality of implants, as well as to our highly educated experts. We install only high quality and certified dental implants, and our team of dental specialists takes care of your health and satisfaction from the moment of your first visit, during which we will create personalised and precise plan of implant therapy, until the moment of leaving our clinic with a new, dazzling smile.

You are toothless in one or both jaws, and You want to get rid of daily inconveniences that accompany the wearing of dentures? Your lifestyle is intensive and You do not have too much time? Then the method “all on four” comes as the perfect choice for You.

How to describe the method “all on 4”? Thanks to this worldwide technological hit, toothless jaws can be converted into a sumptuous smile in a very short time. Only a few hours after the application 4 to 6 implants in your jaw, You are set with a fixed provisional bridge with new teeth, designed according to the three-dimensional digital model of Your jaw. The entire process is completely safe and painless. After the expiry of two to three months, a provisional bridge will replace the permanent bridge, namely “teeth the suits You the best”. Besides completely replacing Your own teeth by its functionality, the aesthetic effect will be fascinating to You, and all the people You are surrounded with.

Why choose Polyclinic Rident? The number of Croatian dentists dealing with prosthetic and implant dentistry has grown rapidly in the last decade. Our clinic exists more than 10 years, always uses the latest technology and employs superbly trained experts in the field of dentistry, offering all dental services in one place. In terms of quality services, we follow global trends completely, also, the prices of all implants and dental services are significantly more favourable compared to the most European countries.

In the period since our humble beginnings all the way up to 200 employees in two cutting-edge clinics in Rijeka and Poreč, many things have changed, but the basic principle of our business still remains untouched – maximum quality service at a better price.

The path from the toothless jaw to the beautiful smile has never been shorter, simpler and more reliable. Keep Your health safe and restore lost confidence. A beautiful smile is always in fashion!