3D oral scanner for a flawless smile

Author: Rident


Have you ever wondered how our dental technicians achieve the perfect shape and colour of ceramic veneers or crowns for dental implants? Of course, a lot of knowledge and experience, a steady hand and precise eye is what primarily stands behind it all. However, it would be much more complicated without the help of advanced digital technology, which ensures the accuracy that was very difficult to imagine until 10 years ago. One of the necessary tools for perfect prosthetic solutions is a 3D digital oral scanner.

For years before the appearance of oral 3D scanners, the usual procedure in making prosthetic appliances required taking several kinds of imprints and grinding, then waiting for a few days until the finished work does not return from the lab. Mostly, quite challenging for the dentists, also a big waste of time for patients who had to come into the office several times. Fortunately for both, all the new technologies have sent that procedure in dental history. Concerning that issue, Dental Clinics Rident passed through the doors of dental future a long time ago. We use TRIOS 3Shape, digital oral scanner whose capabilities changed dentistry to a large extent.

Thanks to its features, Trios 3Shape is the perfect tool in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, but also in implantology when planning implant placement. Trios 3Shape oral scanner makes photos of high quality and delivers high-resolution 3D images of the teeth and jaws. 3Shape scanner is up to 100 times faster than the best available conventional video camera and can capture more than 3000 2D images per second! With high speed and accuracy of shooting, it features a multitude of other useful features, such as colour scanning and determining the colour shade of each tooth. Also, the device can tell the difference between the soft and hard tissues in the oral cavity, as well as all movements in the patient’s jaw, which eliminates any measurement errors.

The scanner is easy to use and completely safe and painless for patients. While your dentist moves ergonomic probe of the scanner along your teeth, it creates a real-time on-screen display of dental imprints. How is this accomplished? The advanced software combines thousands of 3D images and creates the final 3D digital imprint of the patient’s jaw, which is based on actual data. Therefore the possibility of any errors in measurements is reduced to a negligible minimum.

Black-and-white on-screen scanners of the previous generation were using contrasting powder for shading differences between the teeth and gums. Thanks to colour scanning technology, TRIOS 3Shape has completely eliminated any possible discomfort for patients. It is a great help for dentists and laboratory technicians for a more precise making of prosthetic devices and considerably reduces the time of patient’s stay in office.

TRIOS 3Shape digital oral scanner is a significant technological breakthrough, for which we can say that its appearance actually meant the end of traditional and beginning of the advanced period in dentistry.