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Author: Mirna Pavić , DMD


The quality of the materials and procedures we use in our daily work allow us to give our patients a guarantee on our work. We use the best Astra Tech and Bego implantology systems to ensure the maximum quality of the procedure and the longevity of the installed implant.

Implant passport

The manufacturers of implantology systems themselves provide a long-term warranty on the installed implants. Rident polyclinics provide a guarantee for all implantology and prosthetic work. Each patient receives an implant passport that contains the date of the implantology procedure and the unique serial number of dental implants, as a guarantee of originality and quality.

Implant passport

Annual check-ups

In order for the guarantee to be valid, the patient must follow the instructions of the dentist, attend regular examinations at least once a year and maintain dental hygiene regularly. At the same time, he must use splints every day if prescribed by the doctor of detailed medicine.