How do we use CT diagnostics in dental medicine?

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Author: Natalia Gavran , DMD


New and increasingly advanced methods of reconstructive procedures in the oral cavity require more precise diagnostic methods. CT diagnostics with completely accurate bone diagnostics in 3D, surpasses the possibilities of classic images.

3D imaging of teeth has become a standard diagnostic method by which dentists get the most accurate and detailed insight into the condition of bones, teeth and surrounding structures. In addition to measuring bone density and volume for implants, this diagnostic method is increasingly used as a daily examination in oral surgery, endodontics, orthodontics and periodontics.

Today, CT is an indispensable standard in dentistry and is necessary to make a correct diagnosis and determine an accurate treatment plan. The CT device enables control of the amount of radiation, so this diagnostic method can also be used in children, and the procedure is completely painless and harmless.