Is implant placement a painful process for the patient?

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Author: Aida Pašić Carrera , DMD, univ. master, spec. implantologije


One of the most common questions patients ask when considering and planning dental implant therapy is: Will the procedure be painful? 

Pain is one of the most common reasons why there is a fear of implant placement.
Implant placement is an oral surgical procedure that, like most oral surgical procedures, it is performed with anesthesia. The type and amount of anesthesia depends on the number of implants and the position of their implantation. We most often use local anesthesia, where a certain amount of anesthetic is applied to the area of implant placement. It allows complete removal of pain during, but also for some time after the procedure in the jaw area. The complete absence of pain allows the patient to be relaxed during the surgery.

After the procedure, a feeling of discomfort in the operated area is to be expected, which may begin after the anesthesia has faded. It can last up to a week, depending on the extent of the surgery. To prevent discomfort or possible pain, patients are advised to take pain and inflammation medication for several days. It is further recommended to take softer foods and to maintain adequate oral hygiene to avoid irritation of the operated area which could cause inflammation and pain. Two weeks after the procedure, the patient should not have any pain or discomfort. If it is still present, it is necessary to contact the dentist.

Our specialists in oral surgery and implantology with many years of experience, their work and advice will do everything to make the whole process of implant placement for the patient comfortable and painless.