Patient and staff safety #covidsafe

Author: Rident


After the vaccination started in Croatia last week, the first group of employees of the Rident polyclinics were vaccinated yesterday. As there is currently no specific cure for COVID 19 and it is unlikely that it will be found any time soon, vaccination protects us and our loved ones, but also our work environment and the community as a whole!

“I consider it especially important to protect our staff and patients from the possible spread of this virus, and by increasing the vaccination rate, we may soon suppress this pandemic,” said the founder and member of the Board of Rident polyclinics Željko Miljanić, DMD.

“It is the right of every person to make a decision for themselves. Considering the vocation, I chose, I consider this vaccination my duty because with this vaccine we reduce the possibility of becoming a source or transmitter of infection to others with whom we come in contact “, said the head of the oral surgery department Matko Oguić, DMD.

Vaccination of employees was carried out by Head Nurse Tamara Puljić, who at the end of the day said: “We carried out this procedure in cooperation with the protocols of the Institute of Public Health of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. Everything went well and none develop any early allergic reaction.”

In order for the vaccine to be effective in protecting against coronavirus infection, it is necessary to receive two doses of the vaccine a few weeks apart. Rident clinics will carry out the full procedure to get us from the #covidsafe to the #covidfree zone.