Pedodontics – pediatric dentistry

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Author: mr. sc. Angelina Maras , specialist in preventive and pediatric dentistry


As part of my specialization, my primary job is to take care of the oral health of children and adolescents. With this specialization, I have gained professional, clinical and psychological preparation that allows me to work with very young children, and because of the approach I use, I can easily gain the trust and cooperation of children.

It is my duty to educate not only children but also adults about the importance of oral hygiene, about eating habits that can help prevent caries and ultimately treat children’s teeth. I believe that developing a quality relationship with a dentist from an early age can have a positive impact on prevention, not just the treatment of diseased teeth.

The mouth is the epicenter of children’s structural, functional and cognitive growth. Primary functions such as chewing, swallowing and articulation of sounds and language develop in the mouth. It is important to monitor children from an early age and monitor them during growth and development with the application of all caries protection protocols and to correct all functional changes at an early age.

My goal is to treat deciduous and especially young permanent teeth in a way that maximizes the possible sparing of healthy dental tissue so that it can retain chewing forces for a lifetime. The protection of deciduous teeth is of utmost importance due to the later placement of permanent teeth for the reason that deciduous teeth, especially the posterior ones, save space for future permanent teeth.

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