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Author: Josip Brusić , dmd


What are veneers?

What are their advantages?

What problems may they solve?

Are veneers a solution to your problem?

In this text I will attempt to answer the most common questions related to ceramic veneers, but it is important to emphasize that only after a professional and detailed examination by a dentist who will assess the condition of your teeth, the main question of whether ceramic veneers are the solution for you, may be answered. Namely, we all have different teeth, and also different reasons why we want ceramic veneers. It is a professional examination and consultation with a dentist that is necessary before making a decision on the procedure and the therapy work-flow.

What are veneers?

Ceramic veneers are one of the most popular aesthetic dental procedures. Ceramic veneers are fixed-prosthetic replacements and are among the minimally invasive methods used to correct the shape, sometimes color, appearance of teeth and thus the overall smile.

They are made of ceramic and are glued to the tooth with a special cementing technique. Minimal enamel grinding using dental loups puts ceramic veneer into the group of minimally invasive methods. The controlled grinding depth of only 0.3-0.5 mm creates enough space for the placement of ceramic veneers, thus creating a spot for beautiful teeth.

What are their advantages?

The benefits of ceramic veneers are numerous for health and aesthetic reasons. The procedure is extremely gentle and completely painless. Grinding for veneers is always done with dental magnifying loups or under a microscope. The benefits of optical aids are multiple, because their use in grinding increases the operating field and gives a controlled depth of grinding, which results in better preservation of the tooth structure and surrounding tissue. It is important to point out that only the tooth enamel is grinded for ceramic veneers.

Ceramic veneers make it possible to imitate a natural tooth, sometimes they can improve the color of the teeth, because the ceramic material imitates the enamel of a healthy, natural tooth and reflects light in the same way. Ceramic veneers restore a healthy and desirable look to your teeth, and radiant freshness and beauty of your smile.

What problems may day solve?

Ceramic veneers can successfully solve some aesthetic problems such as discolored teeth, gaps between teeth, chipped tooth, cracked enamel, teeth of different lengths and teeth of irregular position. Ceramic veneers can change the shape, size, position and natural color of your teeth which greatly improves the aesthetics of your teeth and in just two visits you can see the delightful changes. If you have your teeth and do not have large composite fillings, you are an ideal candidate for ceramic veneers.

Are veneers a solution to your problem?

With this text and photos, I want to bring you closer to the simplicity and beauty of ceramic veneers. Ceramic veneers are made in a few steps (not necessarily a visit o.a.). During the first visit, your oral health is analyzed in detail, a digital fingerprint is taken using an intraoral scanner, and your face and teeth are photographed.

Digital prints and photos will allow us to design the ideal smile. All your wishes, corrections and changes that you expect are included in the design. You will see the digital display of the proposed new smile. Depending on the indication and the number of teeth included in the ceramic veneers, a model can also be made using a 3D printer to create a credible display of a new smile, which you can see and try directly in your mouth. This is followed by teeth grinding for ceramic veneers, digital imprint and testing of temporary veneers that will have the shape of a finial work.

It is the application of new technologies with highly educated experts and teamwork that saves production time for these high-quality works. The next visit is cementing the ceramic veneers and of course enjoying the beautiful smile.

Your smile is our job!