Microscopic dental medicine

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Microscopic dental medicine

Every day we are witnessing the application of new and more sophisticated technologies in all areas of medical practice, ant it is especially related to technological advances in dentistry, which has experienced a major breakthrough, particularly in the last two decades. Dental microscopes and magnifying glasses are indispensable optical devices, whose absence would make the performing of the most challenging procedures in modern dentistry hard to imagine, yet even harder to accomplish.

Without the use of an appropriate dental microscope and dental magnifier, it would be difficult to imagine achieving top results in precise procedures in dental surgery, in preparing and setting up the implants or when grinding the teeth in order to produce ceramic veneers. The benefit of optical devices is multiple, because their utilisation in surgical procedures increases the surgical area, providing also a higher quality of the tooth cavity cross-section. All this allows a more precise diagnosis and treatment, resulting in the improved preservation of the dental structure and the surrounding tissue.

Since our early beginnings, we are always striving to keep track of the most modern technological global trends in dentistry and to educate our dental experts accordingly. The connection between superior knowledge of our dental experts and maximal utilisation of the cutting edge technologies is a winning combination, always visible on your beautiful smile as the ultimate result. It is our greatest reward.


You have decided to take an important step in your life, keep your health and restore a dazzling smile on your face. You have informed yourself well previously about the method and procedures for placing the implants or ceramic veneers. You have chosen to give your confidence to our clinic. Seemingly, everything is resolved, except for one thing that constantly postpones your final decision – fear. Fear of pain. Feeling of discomfort, from your first footstep into the dental clinic. Completely understandable, but is it justified, too? Read the following lines and convince yourself otherwise.

Most of the procedures in Polyclinics Rident are performed with the use of high-quality local anaesthetics. Educated and skilled hands of our dental experts will keep you away from any pain and unpleasantness. However, if you are having a hard time attempting to get rid of a sense of fear, or when some difficult procedures have to be performed, our clinics also provide the possibility for application of painless anaesthesia.

During the process of anaesthesia we use a specific device, which allows us to control the pressure and injection of anaesthetics, keeping it always below the pain level. This allows you for a better feeling of relaxation during the procedure, also, you can cooperate with your chosen doctor better. Shortly after gaining confidence in your chosen doctor’s quality and expertise, feeling of fear and discomfort disappears. Seeing a dentist does not need to be an unpleasant experience.

Keep in mind – we were taught to fear, as well as we were taught to walk or speak. In our hands, you have nothing to be afraid of.